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Ask the Pastor- Women
Ask the Pastor
--- Woman ---

If you have a doctrinal question or item you would like to learn more about, just send it to us at "Ask the Pastor". We will post the answer on-line. Simply click on a question to see an answer.

---------- Woman ----------

My wife and I were married for many years and she divorced me and is living with another man. If she marries this man will they be one flesh?
I know that sex outside of marriage is wrong, but what does the Bible say that a couple should do if they fall into this mess? Does the Bible say that the couple should get married?
Just wondering if you could point me to any additional information on "stole" and "katastole".
My wife who is a DEVOUT Oprah Winfrey follower and a devout believer in "being a good person gets you to heaven," Over the past nearly 13 years that I have tried to live for the Lord I have endured more persecution than I can handle....I have come to the point where I have no other choice but to give up on ever being able to live a Christian life again.
If a married man's wife is not a Christian but the husband is, will this exclude them from church membership?
What is a woman to do when she is basically forced to divorce?
My husband and I have been married for almost 1 year but there is something we are consistently having problems with.
If women are not to be ministers, evangelists, or over men, then why has he blessed and used women like Paula White, Joyce Meyer's, and Juanita Bynum?
I have been divorced and remarried.
Can a woman be an evangelist?
Can a woman be an evangelist??
In Dr. Weeks articles concerning Pastoral Theology, he says that a pastor's wife should be "quiet, not boisterous". Does this mean that she is not allowed to voice an opinion, nor exercise her gifts in church?
Last week my Pastor and I had a discussion concerning women wearing pants to the services and the ladies fellowships. I told him that I thought this to be a preferential position that he has the right to set. I told him I would support him on that if that is his preference. However, we further discussed my qualifications to be a deacon of our church. He felt that because my wife has worn jeans to some of the ladies fellowship meetings in the past that I didn't qualify to be a deacon. My position is that I can support my Pastor if this is his preference for church attire and meetings, but I don't agree with him concerning this being a qualification to be a deacon. Please give me your thoughts.
We have many women evangelists and ministers, that visit our church, but they are not allowed to sit in the pulpit or preach from the pulpit. The Pastor says that he does not believe in a woman in the pulpit. I feel as if he is sending mixed messages. What is your opinion on this matter?

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