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Ask the Pastor- Religions & Cults
Ask the Pastor
Religions & Cults
If you have a doctrinal question or item you would like to learn more about, just send it to us at "Ask the Pastor". We will post the answer on-line. Simply click on a question to see an answer.

---------- Religions & Cults ----------

I have enclosed an article where Bro. ----- teaches that Jesus went to the fires of Hell for three days to pay for our sins because the Bible says that Christ's soul was not left in Hell. He says that all the Old Testament saints went to Heaven as soon as they died because Hell can only refer to a place of torment. He says that in Luke 16 "Abraham's bosom" is Heaven, and that when Christ said the thief on the cross would be with Him in Paradise that meant that the thief was going directly to Heaven, and that since Jesus is omnipresent He was going to be in suffering in Hell and in Heaven with the thief at the same time. What do you think about this?
I heard that the Westboro Baptist Church may picket the funerals for the children killed in the tragedy in Connecticut, claiming that God wanted this to happen. What are your thoughts?
There are so many churches out there these days and would like to find which is right for my family and I. I am having a hard time and was wondering if you would tell me if you consider yourself to be one of this type of Baptist church, and why?
    1. Primitive Baptist
    2. Particular Baptist
    3. Strict Baptist
    4. Sovereign Grace Baptist
    5. Reformed Baptist
    6. Landmark Baptist.
About 9 years ago, I prayed with my pastor and asked to be saved. I felt happy and at peace for a few days after. What really has sometimes worried me is my feelings...
I read you article on Monasticism with great care. I do not dispute the facts of what you wrote, but I do think that some of your conclusions are very wrong.
My wife who is a DEVOUT Oprah Winfrey follower and a devout believer in "being a good person gets you to heaven," Over the past nearly 13 years that I have tried to live for the Lord I have endured more persecution than I can handle....I have come to the point where I have no other choice but to give up on ever being able to live a Christian life again.
Could you please explain the Masons and the Masonic Lodge?
What do you believe about Pastor or Elder/Deacon Rule, with members voting only for their Pastor/Elder/Deacons?
Why are you not a Calvinist?
I am a student writing a research paper on the Creationism-Evolutionism argument, and I want to make sure I am being fair and thorough in my interpretation of both sides....
Do you believe in the Rapture?
Can I be re-baptized,or would it be re-crucifying Christ all over again?
What does it mean to be "born again", and who is "born again"?
1. My dad is an atheist... My neighbors are Sunni Muslims ... Many of my friends are Mormons... How do you witness to these people?
Can you tell me a Biblical reason why Barak Obama is NOT the antichrist??
A friend of mine is looking for a church, and wrote: "We're reading a book called Ekklesia that talks about the roots of the Biblical church. It presents a totally different model for church than what we typically see here: house churches instead of bigger institutional church buildings, interactive, open meetings where every brother can give a word of instruction, song, prophecy, tongue/interpretation, etc; elder-led church governance as opposed to a hierarchy ruled church, celebrating the Lord's supper as a full meal rather than a wafer and little cup, etc." Do you have any thoughts on the above?
I had a question about the dispute over 1 John 5:7-8. I've read in several places that originally, Erasmus didn't have it in his first couple of editions, and then he only put it in once he was presented with a copy that had been taken from a manuscript that only had it in the margins in the 5th century or something. I realize that it does not change the doctrine of the Trinity, but I would like to have more understanding concerning this passage.
Should one be excluded from becoming a church member if they hold membership in the Freemasons even if they are inactive in that organization, and should they let the pastor know of such membership?
If a married man's wife is not a Christian but the husband is, will this exclude them from church membership?
A Response to a Roman Catholic's Criticisms
Why does John 1:1 start with the phrase, "In the beginning" ? I find that's one of the reasons why the JHW's say that Christ Jesus had a beginning.
I read the following letter in our local paper. What do you think of these statements? "The Catholic church is the only universal Christian church that has existed since the time of Jesus. Every other group is an offshoot of the Catholic church. The Eastern Orthodox churches broke away from unity with the pope in 1054. The Protestant communities were established during the Reformation, which began in 1517. Only the Catholic church existed in the 10th century, in the fifth century, and in the first century, faithfully teaching the doctrines given by Christ to the apostles. The line of popes can be traced back, in unbroken succession, to Peter himself. This is unequalled by any institution in history."
Why are the 10 commandments listed differently in Exodus than this church teaches them.

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