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Ask the Pastor - Bible Versions & Issues

Ask the Pastor

 Ask the Pastor - Bible Versions & Issues
Bible Versions
& Issues


If you have a doctrinal question or item you would like to learn more about, just send it to us at "Ask the Pastor". We will post the answer on-line. Simply click on a question to see an answer.

---------- Bible Versions & Issues ----------

I use the King James for personal study, although I own several other translations as well (The Amplified Bible, NASB and ESV), and occasionally refer to them when I am studying a difficult passage. (sometimes they help to clarify, other times they do not.) My question is this: how, if you truly believe that the King James Bible is the only version worthy of use today, do you explain the inclusion of the Apocrypha in the 1611 edition?
I had a question about the dispute over 1 John 5:7-8. I've read in several places that originally, Erasmus didn't have it in his first couple of editions, and then he only put it in once he was presented with a copy that had been taken from a manuscript that only had it in the margins in the 5th century or something. I realize that it does not change the doctrine of the Trinity, but I would like to have more understanding concerning this passage.
What is your response to those who say that you can only be saved through the King James Version? Also, I recently saw a video where men from Detroit Seminary, Bob Jones, Northland, and other schools said that the King James should not be an issue, and those who make it an issue are dividing fundamentalism. Any comments? (updated)
Explain some of the issues involved in the "King James Only" controversy.
red_tri.gif - 202 Bytes Please tell me why verses and words are deleted and changed, resulting in new versions of the Bible.
Can you give me scriptural verses that teach that the Bible alone is our sole authority and that the Bible is the only source for God's Word. When was the Bible put together?
I am a student at an Independent Fundamental Baptist Bible College and have been recently compelled to reach a decision. This is the question I have. If two fundamental Baptists start off agreeing that the King James Bible is the correct version and then the one decides after a period of time that he will use the NIV or NASV, is it scriptural to withdraw fellowship? Isn't it true that the first churches fellowshipped because they had all things in common and they were in one accord with each other? I have tried not to be ignorant and have tried to study to shew myself approved unto God. I understand the different manuscripts used and the process involved to bring us the Word of God. Is this proper reason to see a fellowship split apart? I personally think it is. If we can't agree on the Word of God, than we can't agree on anything, can we?
I took a religion class last semester in college and he mentioned canons that were not in the bible.... where can I find these?
Isn't the Bible complete? What Bible should we be reading? What about the Old Testament?
If we get every little detail right, but we lack love, it is all for naught any way, so shouldn't we be concentrating on love and understanding rather than quibbling about which version of the Bible to use?
I am wondering how a version of the Bible that came about so late in the scheme of things (KJV) could be better than the original. I am using the KJV and the NIV, and I really don't even know what the original Christians used. Could you help me with a brief history of the use of the Bible.
What about King James? Wasn't he after his own ways?
How did the people writing the King James Version obtain the manuscripts? I thought the Catholic Church at that time had the manuscripts.

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