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Ask the Pastor - The Pastor
Ask the Pastor
Ask the Pastor - The Pastor
What About
the Pastor?

If you have a doctrinal question or item you would like to learn more about, just send it to us at "Ask the Pastor". We will post the answer on-line. Simply click on a question to see an answer.

---------- What About the Pastor ----------

I recently heard someone say that in the pastor's home the ministry comes first before his wife and family. He is to be consumed with the ministry; it is his first priority, and his wife should accept that. What are your thoughts on this?
I am a member of a Baptist church, and I have a question about my pastor's leadership. Below is a list of things he has either done or said during the past year and a half that I have been a member.
I'm a young pastor. How would you respond if you were accused of dictatorship and authoritarianism? I feel like there are adversaries on every side.
What do you believe about Pastor or Elder/Deacon Rule, with members voting only for their Pastor/Elder/Deacons?
"When did the word pastor first get used in Christendom?
Is it biblically permissible for a divorced minister to resume a pastorate?
What does "support the Pastor" really mean? Agreeing with everything he says? Can I disagree with some things and still support the Pastor?
Please define the roles of Evangelist and Ministers. I been called to be an Evangelist, and ordained by my pastor, but not trained. I preach once a month. Now, my pastor wants to address me as Minister. Please explain to me the different roles.
My pastor recently said that he did not think the church needs deacons (we currently don't have any). My pastor is not the only preacher I know that doesn't want deacons. I feel that these preachers have heard all these horror stories from college and other Pastors over the years, and that maybe they are fearful to some degree. What is your opinion about this?
In Dr. Weeks articles concerning Pastoral Theology, he says that a pastor's wife should be "quiet, not boisterous". Does this mean that she is not allowed to voice an opinion, nor exercise her gifts in church ?
Does God ever tell a Pastor who is having a problem with a Church member, who is in sin, that God is going to kill them for there going against the Pastor of a Local IFB Church. Are there any New Testament examples of this?
Does the term "touch not God`s anointed" refer to Pastors of today? And if so or not so can you explain?
Last week my Pastor and I had a discussion concerning women wearing pants to the services and the ladies fellowships. I told him that I thought this to be a preferential position that he has the right to set. I told him I would support him on that if that is his preference. However, we further discussed my qualifications to be a deacon of our church. He felt that because my wife has worn jeans to some of the ladies fellowship meetings in the past that I didn't qualify to be a deacon. My position is that I can support my Pastor if this is his preference for church attire and meetings, but I don't agree with him concerning this being a qualification to be a deacon. Please give me your thoughts.
What should a pastor's duties be, according to the Bible?
Last week a friend and I got into a discussion over the qualifications for a Pastor. My friend took the argument that a Pastor should be someone who has gone through a lot of "bad" things, so that they can effectively relate to the people to whom he is called to pastor.But I don't find this inscripture. I find that the scriptures teach to preach the Gospel or the Word of God not one's experiences
Could you please give me some advice on preaching.
I am currently taking a course on Homiletics. I would appreciate your answers to the following questions: 1. Was your training in homiletics adequate? 2. What areas could you have used more help in? 3. What is the most important area in sermon preparation?
I have a question regarding my position as Assistant Pastor. I feel and have been told by my Pastor and his wife that they feel like I am trying to take over the church. They have Pastored for 30 years. I love my Pastor and have started preaching revivals and special meeting to show them I am not aafter their pulpit. My family an i are growing spiritually sick from this situation. When we coem from the meetings they will not talk to us at all. Could you please advise. Thank You
What are your thoughts on the pastor's rights and abilities to first identify "qualified" persons to place in leadership positions (deacons/deaconesses/trustees) and then to appoint them to those positions. I know that the congregation should affirm those decisions, however, should they (the congregation) have full authority in selecting those persons and agree with them electing themselves? How does this parallel with Jesus' selection of the disciples?
The Bible clearly indicates the qualifications for the pastor, deacons and their wives. Does the Bible speak of Trustees? Should they be appointed by the pastor or selected and elected by themselves? What are their responsibilities? Should Deacons and Trustees "run" the church?
What would your suggestions be for the pastor to do in the following situation. There is currently a conflict because the pastor has attempted to remove the Chairman of the Trustee Board from the board because of insolent behavior with the pastor, including cursing at him and threatening him, failure to respond to pastoral authority, failure to keep the pastor informed of activities, carrying out activities without pastoral approval, nasty behavior with church members and community members. This behavior is not only evident in the church but in his employment as well. Is this type of behavior a benefit to the church and the body of Christ as a whole? Should a person be allowed to remain in a leadership position? The problem is, the congregation sees it as "your word against his" and supports the trustee. How can this be rectified? Does the pastor have the authority to remove this person? How can this be communicated to the congregation so they understand how it hinders ministry?
I feel that the Bible tells me that I am to obey my pastor and I don't have a problem with that. My struggle comes because I have reached a place that I feel I must leave our staff because the pastor and I do not work together well. I have been at the same church for many years and have given 200 percent, but my pastor will not acknowledge me publicly, refers to me as "him", and has told me many times that I do not live up to the expectations of my calling (without naming specific areas). What does the Bible say I should do if my pastor says and does things that I feel are unjustified. I have persevered, but really am struggling because more and more work keeps being put on me to do and I'm not given any support staff to help...I do not believe my pastor would give me a good recommendation to another church even though I feel I do a great work for God.
We have many women evangelists and ministers, that visit our church, but they are not allowed to sit in the pulpit or preach from the pulpit. The Pastor says that he does not believe in a woman in the pulpit. I feel as if he is sending mixed messages. What is your opinion on this matter?

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