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Ask the Pastor - Salvation & Growth
Ask the Pastor
Salvation & Growth
If you have a doctrinal question or item you would like to learn more about, just send it to us at "Ask the Pastor". We will post the answer on-line. Simply click on a question to see an answer. New items are added to the top of the list.

---------- Salvation & Growth ----------

I have a couple questions about Eph. 4:4-16. In verse 4 when he says there is one "body", what is he referring to? What does he mean when he says that Christ "lead captivity captive"? In verse 9, what does he mean when he says, " he descended into the lower parts of the earth" ? Is that talking about being in the tomb? How does this tie into the gifts he has given us and the edifying of the saints?
What do we know from the Word of God about what Heaven is like right now for those who have passed on before us? People really get confused and make statements about the dead walking the streets and eating fruits and talking with family and friends. A believer who has died is a spirit with out a body....
I have a question on salvation and baptism. I made a profession of faith and later was baptized. Since that time I have had doubts and so I called upon Christ to save me again. I have not followed through with baptism again because I am not sure when I was saved. Because I have not been baptized again does this mean that I have not genuinely repented?
I'd like more understanding on verses II Corinthians 13: 4-10. What is the weakness he is talking about and what does he mean by the term reprobate? How does the "weakness" in verse 4 compare to being "weak" in verse 9?
From N.T. times on, if a person asks Jesus into their lives, He never leaves. We have verses to back that up. What assurance did people have in the O.T. of that? If a person loved God and followed Him but made some wrong choices and was backslidden, did he go to Paradise when he died?
Did cave men go to heaven? Why does the Bible not mention cave men?
About 9 years ago, I prayed with my pastor and asked to be saved. I felt happy and at peace for a few days after. What really has sometimes worried me is my feelings...
I read you article on Monasticism with great care. I do not dispute the facts of what you wrote, but I do think that some of your conclusions are very wrong.
My wife who is a DEVOUT Oprah Winfrey follower and a devout believer in "being a good person gets you to heaven," Over the past nearly 13 years that I have tried to live for the Lord I have endured more persecution than I can handle....I have come to the point where I have no other choice but to give up on ever being able to live a Christian life again.
Why are you not a Calvinist?
What is your position on Spirit Baptism from Corinthians 12:13?
Do you believe in the Rapture?
Can I be re-baptized,or would it be re-crucifying Christ all over again?
What does it mean to be "born again", and who is "born again"?
1. My dad is an atheist... My neighbors are Sunni Muslims ... Many of my friends are Mormons... How do you witness to these people?
If a married man's wife is not a Christian but the husband is, will this exclude them from church membership?
A Response to a Roman Catholic's Criticisms
I had learned at one time that we only sin against God. Is there something in the Greek and Hebrew that changes in translation?
When I was nine years old my dad had an affair with a woman from church and left my mom. We begged him to stay, but he left anyway.
My husband and I have been married for almost 1 year but there is something we are consistently having problems with.
What does "support the Pastor" really mean? Agreeing with everything he says? Can I disagree with some things and still support the Pastor?
I recently heard a preacher say that when we stand before Christ we are only going to be judged by our works...
In our church we have been told that the only fruit a Christian can have is that of winning souls to Christ. Is this true?
I believe that Christians should follow the law (of course, not unto your salvation).
I went back to a life worse then prior to my "conversion". ........
Growing up as a Seventh-day Adventist I was always taught one can't be sure of their salvation, unlike what you teach. It seems to me the Bible shows that one can loose their salvation. After all we have free will right? We can choose to walk away from God and be fruitless. I was baptized and confessed my faith at 13, yet I have done much evil in my life since that precious age. Now that I am older I am wiser , yet I still struggle with smoking. I have tried hard to stop to no avail. Does this mean I am not saved anymore? Would this be considered defiling God's temple? The Bible says that those who defile his temple will not inherit the kingdom of God. I know if I continue to smoke I will be destroyed in the end. You would think this would be enough reason for me to quit. I want to do so good, yet I do so bad, I don't understand it. I think someone felt like that in the Bible and wrote of it, I can't think of where though, but it describes how I feel. Do you know which one I'm thinking of?
What is your response to those who say that you can only be saved through the King James Version? Also, I recently saw a video where men from Detroit Seminary, Bob Jones, Northland, and other schools said that the King James should not be an issue, and those who make it an issue are dividing fundamentalism. Any comments? (updated)
When you accept JESUS as your Savior do you go to heaven, unless you renounce JESUS as Savior, or every time you sin do you lose your place until you repent? I have been studying and found scripture Galatians 5:19-21. I believe that I am saved. Is Satan just trying to confuse me?
red_tri.gif - 202 BytesIn certain scriptures in the Bible it states that all sins shall be forgiven but elsewhere states that a murderer can not enter the Kingdom of Heaven which leads me to the question, can a murderer be forgiven?
red_tri.gif - 202 BytesI have always believed in God. I went to a Baptist pre-school and kindergarten. As I grew older, my family became very involved in the community and in sports. So as I was growing up, our family didn't go to church that much; the older I got, the less we went. My girlfriend's family doesn't think that I am a Christian. I think that is God's sign for me to become more involved in church, to get me to come back. I never lost faith. Now it can grow stronger and I can learn what I've missed out on all these years.
Recently, I heard someone one give his testimony, and he said that the Holy Spirit is in all of us. Some one else said that this is not true because the Holy Spirit becomes apart of us when we accept Christ into our hearts. Can you help me?
I am one who believes that NOTHING can separate me from the love of the Father; my salvation has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Christ's finished work on the cross. However, I am poorly equipped to "counter" the scriptural basis of the many around me who oppose this doctrine. Will you please send me as much information as you can about your stance on the subject?
I need Bible proof for babies going to heaven.I know that God told David that he would see his baby again, but if we are born into sin then when does it go into affect? Give me more proof that children are going to heaven if they are killed as youths.
What about the "age of accountability"
I have a friend who thinks that he has committed the "Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit." He said that he feels terrible that one time he cursed the Holy Spirit directly, and now he seems to have an interest in Christianity, but he still thinks he could go to Hell from what he thinks is the "unpardonable sin." I told him that if he is feeling convicted and terrible for cursing the Holy Ghost, that the Spirit is apparently not cutting Himself off from him and He is still striving with him now.
Was Judas Iscariot a christian?
When one accepts Godís gift of eternal life again in prayer (because of doubts, or that person can not remember, or for other reasons), what do you think is Godís response? Does that person got saved though he repeated?
Why was Judas selected as a disciple and what eventually happened to Judas when he betrayed Jesus?
I have a question about I John 3:4-10" .....

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