Simonsen's Ministry Up-date

Kenya, East Africa

Sunday Up-Date
20 March 2022

Aaron                          Daniel      

           Rick          Sue

Dear Praying Friends,
       I want to thank all of you who have prayed for our dear friend and co-worker Brother Bill Coley. Bill put up a valiant fight against cancer but the Lord chose to take him to his eternal heavenly home on Thursday morning. There will be a memorial service on Wednesday. Our beloved friend will be greatly missed in the work here in Kenya.  Please pray for Bill's wife Jane and their children at this time.
      We have completed the first term in the college and our students will be taking their final exams this coming week. Please pray that each will do his/her very best.
      Much of our week was spent sorting out some things and packing for furlough. On Friday, before our prayer meeting, we went to visit Jeremiah and his family. They live down a long narrow lane but Daniel was able to back our van down the lane and right next to their gate so I didn't have to walk very far over the rough ground.  During church soul winning on Saturday, three young men trusted in the Lord. Please pray for spiritual growth for Andrew, Thomas and Moses. After visitation/soul winning we had the teams over for pizza and fellowship as a way to thank and encourage them for covering for us while we will be away.
      Sunday I preached on "Calling Disciples" from Mark 3:13-15 and related passages. The message was a challenge regarding our Theme for the year - Uwe Mwanafunzi Moja - "Be a disciple". I felt great liberty and guidance of the Holy Spirit as I preached and, at the invitation, when I asked who needed to trust Christ for salvation, Jane Njeri not only raised her hand, but when I looked at her she pointed to herself! Sue came up from the children's class and was able to lead Jane to faith in Christ. Please pray that Jane will continue faithful to church and that she will exhibit spiritual growth in the months ahead. We had excellent attendance again this week with twenty-five in the worship service and thirty-six in children's church. It was a special blessing to see Mr. Wandani (saved last week) come to church. When I talked to him he was very thankful that we started our church and brought the truth of the Bible to his village.
      We have seen six precious souls come to Christ in just over a week. I really would like to stay in Kenya and oversee our follow-up ministry to them - but I am also confident that the Halsteads and our college students will do a good job in our absence.

FURLOUGH PLANS:  We expect to arrive in the States this coming Friday, March 25. We will spend the first couple of weeks enjoying our home church and getting ready to travel. We will begin furlough meetings in mid-April and our schedule is full - except for several Wednesday nights. We will not be able to report to as many of our supporting churches as we had hoped - but we will do what we can.

     We have again seen a large increase in the cost of building materials, especially cement and all forms of steel. I still hope to build a church building when we return from furlough but may have to delay a bit if costs have not come down. For now, our chicken coop building works well for the church services.

In Kenya for Christ,
Rick, Sue, Aaron and Daniel Simonsen



My friend Pastor Mark Montgomery sent me this photo of he and I at our college graduation in 1982.


One of Aaron's friends was doing some research and found this card in a book. I used the book while working on my doctoral thesis in 1985.


Panda watching his favorite team during March Maddness.
Unfortunately, The UCONN Huskies lost!


The city of Nairobi has planted shrubs and flowers under a section of the new elevated highway. The Masai have decided they make good grazing for their cows. This is in the heart of a city of over four million people!


Visiting Jeremiah's family. NO! I wasn't falling asleep, we were thanking the Lord for the tea, bread and bananas.


Jane Njeri is on the left in front of the door and Mr Wandani is just beyond her next to the door.


Jane Njeri prayed to receive Christ after the service.


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