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Sue's News 21 March 2022


It was a good thing that Chuma went to see the vet.  His sores were a serious infection.  He got a strong antibiotic injection on Tuesday and then had to go back on Thursday.  The antibiotic was working well, so he got another injection and some pills to finish the job.  Mama Jayden has been getting lessons on how to hide pills in liver sausage since he won't finish them before we leave. :)  We were so thankful that Dr. Ghalay was able to cut Chuma's nails!  They really needed to be cut before we leave because they grow quickly, but it is usually a traumatic experience for everyone involved!  It is always a blessing to pray with Dr. Ghalay too!  On Tuesday she asked me to pray for three really sick dogs.  When we went back on Thursday one of them (Oscar) was there and the report was good -- he was doing better. :)

Much of the week was spent on furlough preparations.  Today I had a very long list of things to do, but made great progress!  Tomorrow I will start packing.  Rick will be at the college so I will have more space to spread things out  as I organize things-- except of course for the space Panda needs so he can supervise. :)

We were able to go to visit Jeremiah's family before prayer meeting on Friday.  We noticed groups of young people hanging out by the main road as we drove in.  It seemed to be more than just the usual lazy hanging out.  When we got to Jeremiah's house we found out that the Deputy President (Vice President) who is a presidential candidate was passing through after a campaign stop in another town.  We heard the vuvuzelas while we were enjoying our tea. :)  His timing was good because the crowd had cleared before we needed to go over to church. :)

There have been a lot of "last" things this week.  Some things we won't miss so much, but others we really will!  I certainly will miss teaching the Sunday School kids!  I wasn't actually sure what I was going to do at the end of class yesterday.  I was kind of ignoring it and hoping it would go away -- and it did! :)  We were in the middle of a review activity when Gideon came down to ask me to come up to the church.  Jane Njeri had raised her hand at the invitation because she wanted to be saved.  She is the older lady who came for a few weeks with Waithera just before Waithera died.  Jane has been coming quite faithfully and even helps Mama Gladys clean the church.  As we talked I could tell that she has really been paying careful attention in church and clearly understood what the Bible teaches about salvation.  There were so many distractions!  The lady she usually leaves with was ready to go and wasn't sure why she was staying.  She told Jane she was ready to leave -- twice!  Then people came kept coming to ask questions or say good-bye!  Lots of distractions, but Jane refused to be distracted! :)  It was such a blessing to hear her pray a very clear and definite prayer as she asked the Lord Jesus Christ to save her!  What a wonderful way to end our last service before furlough! :)

Trusting the LORD!
Love, Susan



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